The Highest Standard

The Doctor's Perspective

Reflections on the value of Board Certification and the ABMS Maintenance of Certification® (ABMS MOC®) program from the doctor's perspective.

Thomas D. Horn, MD, MBA
Executive Director, American Board of Dermatology
Department of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School 

"Being a physician is an awesome responsibility. It is a trust that society places on us. With that trust comes great responsibility."


Robert J. Clemons, MD
"Education is central to the ABMS MOC program for both doctors AND patients. Knowledgeable, skilled doctors can continue to provide quality care. Informed patients can make better health care choices." Read full story >

Jamie L. Reedy, MD, MPH
"Medicine is different now than it was 10 or 20 years ago. We have to be accountable for the health care we are providing." Read full story >

Keith E. Brandt, MD
"It's absolutely critical that the specialty boards continue to evolve the ABMS MOC program because the specialists understand the uniqueness of their area of medicine. It should not fall into anyone else's hands." Read full story >

Eric A. Brandser, MD
"The Maintenance of Certification process acknowledges that I keep looking and I keep striving to learn more and do better so that each year I'm a better radiologist than I was the year before." Read full story >

Rebecca M. Howell, PhD
"To patients, Board Certification insures a certain level of quality by the people that are going to be overseeing their care. I personally view it as a gold standard in terms of education, training and continuing of education." Read full story >

Neri Cohen, MD, PhD
"Knowing that Board Certification is a living, ongoing process, and not a one-time exercise, will reassure patients that the quality oversight process is timely and continuous." Read full story >