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Robert J. Clemons, MD

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Robert J. Clemons, MDBoard Certified by the American Board of Dermatology

“Education is central to the ABMS MOC program for both doctors AND patients. Knowledgeable, skilled doctors can continue to provide quality care. Informed patients can make better health care choices.”

Dr. Clemons is looking forward to beginning the ABMS MOC program with the American Board of Dermatology in 2012. Having recently completed his recertification exam, he sees the ABMS MOC program as a natural progression of the Board Certification process. “I am happy that it has been set up by individuals in the profession who understand what it means to be a competent dermatologist, rather than from a completely separate body that may not have as much of an insight,” he said.

In looking ahead, Dr. Clemons says he is most impressed with how thoroughly the ABMS MOC program requirements were outlined by his board. “The fact that the board has made the ABMS MOC process so easy to transition into was most reassuring.” He explained that some of the activities already happening in his practice will fulfill requirements of the ABMS MOC program, so he won’t have to implement something new. For example, data from patient surveys and chart reviews will be valuable for the practice performance and self-assessment and education activities. Dr. Clemons is particularly happy with the quality and variety of learning choices offered through the board and the American Academy of Dermatology to accumulate the Continuing Medical Education credits required.

To Dr. Clemons, participation in the ABMS MOC program extends the proof of competency awarded when he first received his Board Certification. “We should be able to show what we do to improve our knowledge and our practice. Explaining this process to the public shows the profession’s commitment to deliver the quality of health care that everyone wants, needs and expects.”

Dr. Clemons is Board Certified in Dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology. He has been in practice for eight years in Johnson City, Tenn. Dr. Clemons earned his medical degree from East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine, where he serves as adjunct faculty in the Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine.

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