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What does it mean if my online search did not return any results?

There could be many reasons why a doctor does not appear following a search. It could mean that:

Here are possible reasons you see no results for your search, and their solutions.

Possible reason: The search did not use enough of the four fields to return 25 or fewer results. Searches that return more than 25 results will not be displayed.

Solution: In addition to the required Doctor’s Last Name field, complete as many of the other fields as possible. Try these steps in the search tool:

Possible reason: The doctor may not be currently Board Certified.

Solution: Learn about Board Certification and what it takes to become Board Certified.

Possible reason: The doctor earned his Board Certification very recently.

Solution: In the case of newly certified doctors, the information may not be available in our database for 90 days following notification from an ABMS Member Board to the doctor. In the meantime, you could call the ABMS Member Board with which you think he or she is Board Certified and ask if they can confirm certification.

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