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Why can’t I do an unlimited number of searches?

Patients may conduct up to 25 searches within any rolling 24-hour period. The purpose of the limitation is to ensure that this free service is available for patients who want to check the certification status of a doctor they are currently seeing or are considering going to see.

If you are a patient who reaches the maximum number of searches, you may either wait 24 hours from your last search, or call the ABMS Certification Verification Service at 1-866-ASK-ABMS (1-866-275-2267), then press 1. Please note: Agents can only provide certification verification to the general public. They cannot provide you with detailed biographical or residency training information, help you locate a physician, or register complaints against a physician.

Searches that return no results or that exceed the allowed number of doctors displayed in the results list, do not count against the total number of searches conducted.

Health care professionals who need Primary Source Verification (PSV) services should contact the professional services team at ABMS Solutions at (800) 733-2267, or learn more about business use of physician credentials.

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