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Name: James Mirabile

Degree: MD

Reported location: “Reported location” is the most recent address reported by a doctor’s certifying board (ABMS Member Board). Doctors might not provide their updated work location to their board, so what is shown may be out of date. Learn more. Leawood, KS United States

Your Doctor is No Longer Certified

Certifying board: A certifying board requires doctors to keep up on their education and training, and pass exams, in the area of medical expertise throughout their careers. Twenty-four certifying boards (ABMS Member Boards) certify doctors in 120+ areas. Learn more. American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Specialty: A medical specialty is the area of medicine where a doctor is an expert, such as pediatrics (care of children). A subspecialty is expertise in part of that same area, such as pediatric dermatology (care of children’s skin). Learn more. Obstetrics & Gynecology

First certified: Doctors are “first certified” when they first meet education and training requirements, then pass an exam, in their area of medical expertise. The requirements are made by a certifying board (ABMS Member Board). Learn more. 1994

Most recent certification: The “most recent certification” date is the last time a doctor met requirements including education, training, and passing an exam, in their area of medical expertise; the most recent and first certified dates may be the same. Learn more. 2022

Status: “No longer certified” means that the doctor is no longer meeting requirements including education, training, and passing an exam, to be certified in their area of medical expertise. Learn more. No longer certified

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